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Ferrari trek comes to an end in Big Apple
The Ferrari Panamerican 20,000 came to a finish in a soggy New York yesterday and the pair of Ferrari 599 GTB Fioranos will be honoured in a ceremony later today.
2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
The retro-inspired Toyota FJ Cruiser met a staff divided when it joined our long-term fleet. Some liked its off-beat character, others criticized its huge blind spots and premium-fuel diet. But some opinions have already started to shift.
Maybach goes mental with AMG tune-up
Maybach has unveiled the world's most powerful chauffeur-driven saloon car. The 62 S comes with a 612bhp version of the twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12 engine.
2008 Audi TT Roadster
While Audi engineers were developing the flagship R8, they were also hard at work on another two-seater, this one at the opposite end of the lineup, the TT Roadster.
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What's the safest car for 2011 u think?  
   BMW X6  
   BMW 7 series  
   Lexus RX 350  
   Maserati Quattroporte  
   Ferrari F430  
   Ferrari F430  
   Mercedes SLS AMG  
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Qtel joins campaign to help debtors   In partnership with Sheikh Thani bin Abdulla Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), Qtel is supporting a major awareness and education campaign to help people with unmanageable debts in Qatar.     more      QU organises closing ceremony of summer programmes   The Student Activities Department at Qatar University has organised separate closing ceremonies for men and women for its summer programme: “Our Summer is Healthy and Fit”.     more     
facilities & services
AUTO MART GULF will offer all the following facilities & services to any of there car buyers:

1. Re-registration

2. Driving license services (permanent & temporary)
Similar to re-registration, this service alleviates hassles and simplifies the paperwork.
We ease updating and obtaining driver's licenses through these services:

- advising you on the correct documentation required
- at your convenience picking you up from anywhere in Doha
- escorting you to the Traffic Department and completing all formalities on your behalf
- returning you to your home location
- following up paper work until it is completed on your behalf

3. Temporary driving license
For most of us our permanent driving license from our home countries will allow us to drive for up to 7 days from the date stamped in your passport upon arrival.

After or during this 7 day period you will need to obtain a temporary driving license if you wish to continue driving.

If you arrange a temporary driving license, it will generally last as long as the visa stamped in your passport.

4. Keep your old temporary driving license
If you have an old temporary driving licence which has expired and you're re-entering Qatar, this expired licence can be renewed.
The procedure is one of administration and generally there is no need for you to visit the traffic department again.

5. Temporary to permanent license
Once you have obtained a temporary licence the procedure for transfering it to a permanent licence is one of administration and generally there is no need for you to visit the traffic department again.

6. let us do it for you
Some expats find this process tedious and often frustrating. Avoid the complexities of Arabic paperwork, annoying line-ups and confusion of unfamiliar processes.
We ease re-registration by:
- advising you on which documentation is required
- picking up your vehicle from anywhere in Doha
- completing the formalities at the traffic department on your behalf
- returning your vehicle to its home location
- following up on paper work until it is completed on your behalf
Be aware failure to renew your registration may result in a QR 500 fine.

7. A link that leads you to www.moi.gov.qa/tvs/englishinput.html
where you can check if You have any driving tickets

8. Accident guidelines Should you be involved in an accident, strict procedures will apply, however - if you handle yourself well and follow this advice - it need not be such a harrowing experience.

1. DO NOT MOVE THE VEHICLES - no matter where the accident occurs, whether on your property or on a main road causing major congestion.
The police need to see the position of all vehicles to assess responsibility. They will likely allow you to move your vehicle once an assessment has been completed.


2. If you have a colleague or friend who speaks Arabic - try to get them to come to the accident scene. Whilst many of the police do speak English, some may not be fluent.

3. Contact police on 4890699, 4890670 or 999, provide them with the location of the accident including names of landmarks near to you i.e. large shops, buildings etc.

4. If there are injuries call 999 and ask for an ambulance or contact Hamad Hospital on 4392222. If you are injured and are able, it is advisable to arrange for someone else to come and stay with your vehicle.

5. At the accident scene you will be asked to provide your license, vehicle registration and insurance documents (it is advisable to have photocopies of these documents available in your vehicle).
The police will listen to the explanations of all involved and complete their preliminary roadside report.
They will advise all involved when to attend the Traffic Department (normally the following day, although it can be immediate) to receive the documentation required for repair-work and the insurance companys.
It is illegal for any garage in Qatar to carry out any accident or body work repairs on your vehicle without the authorised paperwork from Police and or insurance company.

6. Ensure you get contact details from the policeman making the road side report - his name, which police station he is from, details of his shift schedule over the next few days.
Try your best to retrieve his personal GSM phone number, (THIS WILL SAVE YOU A LOT OF FRUSTRATION, WASTED TIME AND RUNNING AROUND)

7. It is advisable that your company PRO or well informed Arabic speaking colleague assist you at the police station.

8. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING unless you fully understand what it is, DO NOT accept the blame if you think it is not your fault.

9. Do not lose your temper
Do not use bad language
Do not use aggressive behaviour
Do be patient
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